Waves by Ogata Korin (1658-1716)

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Waves Tsuba - signed "Omori Teruhide + kao" (H 09566.0), Edo, born 1730, died April 1798. Nephew and student of Omori Terumasa. Third master of the Omori family school. Studied painting and metal work with Terumasa and was influenced by the Yokoya school, as Terumasa had been a student of the first Yokoya Somin. He setup business on his own, after the death of Terumasa in 1772, and he had many students and followers.

Waves Tsuba - signed "Omori Teruhide" (H 09566.0)

Waves Fuchi-Kashira - Mumei Omori

Waves Kozuka - Mumei Omori