Vanguard in the Battle of the Uji River Fuchi-Kashira

Beautiful Fuchi-Kashira depicting a renowned episode of the Genpei War – “Vanguard in the Battle of the Uji River” (Ujigawa no senjin), sometimes also translated as “Race at the Uji River”. Sasaki Shiro Takatsuna (1160-1214), on Fuchi, and Kajiwara Genta Kagesue (1162-1200), on Kashira, racing to cross Uji river before the second battle of Uji in 1184. Excellent carving. Great attention to detail. Fine inlay. Just look at the face expressions – a true masterpiece.

Signed: Kankosai Yoshikazu

NBTHK Hozon (with English translation)

Material: Shibuichi



Inner measurements: 33.2 x 17.7 x 12.3 mm

Nakago-ana: 27.3 x 7.6 mm


Inner measurements: 28 x 12.8 mm

In Kiri-box

Price: Sold